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Moving to the Colorado Springs area?

Relocating to a new area is stressful on its own, without adding the daunting task of searching for a home in addition to finding a Realtor you can trust. I understand this, and I am a pro in relocations...especially military relocations. I have a long history of finding buyers the right home by following a refined process guaranteed to get you straight to the properties you need to see.

When relocating, you probably won't have the time to look at every home on the market. Most likely, you'll be able to see 20 to 25, so pare down the list first thing with this advice:

Relocated to the Colorado Springs area with Brian L. A. Wess as your REALTOR - (719) 528-6672
  • Well before you get here, contact me to go over the information I will need to help make your relocation & home purchase successful.
  • Make a couple of lists: One should be of things you require in your new home. The other should be for optional things you want. When a house can't fulfill your basic needs, we can eliminate it from the list.
  • Have an established price range. This NEEDS TO BE based on a loan pre-approval or a reasonable estimate of what you'll net from selling your present home. I'll be happy to connect you with a LOCAL area Home Loan Professional who can provide you with more personalized levels of service, is aware of local & state issues that can effect your transaction, answer your questions in a timely manner to assist you in making informed decisions, provide guidance on the best loan product for your situation, and is aware of 
  • What length of a commute are you comfortable making each day to work and other activities? Traffic in the Colorado Springs area could be different than what you're currently experiencing, so tell me your expected drive-time, and I'll locate homes within that radius.

I have some outstanding technology tools and apps that will assist you in locating the best possibilities before you get into town. Or if you've already started your search, let me know what you've found so I have a better idea of what you are looking for to fill your needs. While virtual tours and photos are great, they don't provide the full story and there's nothing like seeing homes in person. I can schedule any necessary appointments with other Realtors or homeowners and map a route. If we work efficiently, we could go to 8 or 10 homes in a single day, but I recommend narrowing down your favorites as much as possible as by the time we are looking at home 6 or 7 you've most likely forgotten a lot about what home 1 even looked like.
Do to the state of the art technologies I employ to assist in the home search, home buyers who work with me usually find their new home in less than 2 to 3 outings.

My focus is to make sure that by the end of your trip, you can be comfortable in the knowledge you're on the right track to finding the best home for your family. Call me today at (719) 528-6672 to launch your personalized home search portal.

Brian L. A. Wess

Infinite Horizons Realty

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