El Paso County, Colorado - Home Owner Associations (HOA's)

The State of Colorado requires that all HOAs register with the Colorado Division of Real Estate so you may be able to locate new or recently updated information on HOA's at the following links:
Colorado State HOA Office

Colorado State HOA Search

You may also wish to review the information provided on the Colorado HOA Forum at http://coloradohoaforum.com/index.html

What is a Home Owner Association?

Generally speaking, Home Owners Associations (HOA) are entities consisting of the home owners, often being started by the original developer(s) within a defined area of single family homes, subdivision, condominium or townhouse community with a set of rules called "Declaration of Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions" otherwise known as "CC&Rs".

One of the primary functions of the HOA is enforce and ensure that these "CC&Rs" are adhered to by the individual homeowners the guiding principals and intent of which are normally to help maintain property values and the quality of life within the community.

When purchasing a property it is extremely important that you read and become familiar with the CC&R's of the community you are buying into in order to ensure that you know the restrictions and are willing to comply with them.

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