Spend Fewer Days on the Market in Colorado Springs With Home Staging

Sell quickly in Colorado Springs with home staging and with me as your REALTOR - (719) 528-6672

Careful home staging is an established approach used to sell a house here in Colorado Springs. Home staging benefits include less time on the market and higher offers. If your goal is to sell your home quickly, choose a well thought out home staging strategy.

Look at staging your house as creating an "image" for your house the same way a PR firm would do for a popular entertainer. Just like creating a style draws the spotlight to a public figure, staging makes your home more attractive on the market.

Prepping your home to sell doesn't have to be a nerve-racking experience. At times, it's a fun and creative project. Together, we'll strive for a premium offer for your property. So, for fewer weeks on the market in Colorado Springs, Colorado, try these home staging tips

Curb Appeal

The positive and negative features that jump out at buyers create their initial opinion of your house and how you keep up your home's regular maintenance. Begin with the outside of your house, or your curb appeal. Curb appeal is your best chance to make a strong first impression on buyers from a street perspective. Examine the exterior of your house from a street view. What jumps out at you? What dollar-earning features seem waiting to be noticed? Acknowledging this helps us to choose what we can do to draw buyers from the street and into your house. If your home's exterior isn't up to par with refreshed paint and colorful greenery we'll need to address those issues. If your home isn't the best it can look on the outside with refreshed paint and colorful greenery we'll need to tackle those issues. Refer to the Curb Appeal Checklist and increase your home's final selling price.

Curb Appeal Checklist >

Sell quickly in Colorado Springs with home staging and with me as your real estate agent - (719) 528-6672

Make yourself at home...

Could a buyer see themselves enjoying game night in your living room, relaxing in your spa tub or studying in your home office? Does your house seem to say, " Hello From Your New Welcome Home"? I want your home to welcome buyers and offer them a sense of contentment. Touring your home with a buyer's eye, I'll advise you of fixes that improve sales appeal. I'll help you achieve this by suggesting small improvements that highlight the features of your house. I'll help you get rid of pieces that give the illusion of clutter or over personalization. Tabletops should be clutter-free. Kitschy sculptures, sentimental items, knickknacks, souvenirs, family photos, refrigerator and playtime artwork should get moved out of sight. I can help you simplify the decor of house. Unsightly or cluttered areas make your home feel smaller and buyers have a harder time picturing themselves calling your property "home".

Every area gets a once-over. Areas that directly affect your dollars include fixable like furniture pieces that should get removed, rooms that need new paint, carpet that needs changing, fixtures that need polishing, and windows that need washing

As your Realtor® Professional, I'll help you make sure that your house is neutral and that it's welcoming, staying away from "loud" or "personalized" shades on the walls and furniture. Potential buyers expect a property that seems comfortable. Items that could be "loud" should get moved out so that your house will have general appeal.

Welcome Home Checklist >

Setting the Stage
You'll know when to open your home up to buyers, because all of the changes come together to paint a picture of what buyers can expect when they consider buying your house. Dark rooms can be a real mood killer, so we'll do things like part the curtains and reduce shadows where needed to show off your property. Together we'll enhance the mood of the house with enjoyable music playing softly and assure a pleasing aroma circulates room-to-room. Buyers should feel like your property has the potential to be their future home.

If you'd like extra information on home staging to sell your home quickly in Colorado Springs, Colorado, contact Brian L. A. Wess and we'll help you with creating the best image for your home.

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